Let's turn cities into carbon sinks.

Ouros Materials is an early-stage company decarbonizing the built environment by manufacturing low-cost, high-performance, carbon-negative building materials.

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The Embodied Carbon Problem

Emissions from building materials contribute 11% of global GHG emissions

Embodied carbon refers to the carbon emissions associated with the lifecycle of building materials, including extraction of raw materials, transportation, and manufacturing. In total, the production of these materials contributes 11% of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, largely from the production of concrete, steel, and fossil-based feedstocks. As populations grow and move, developing less carbon-intensive methods of constructing our buildings is crucial.
Our breakthrough technology solution

We're on the mission to commercialize carbon-negative building materials

Our proprietary process allows us to not only store CO2 into our material but also operate at low-temperatures powered with renewable energy. This gives our materials ultra low carbon footprints that reach below zero emissions. Our material is also recyclable, low-cost, strong, tough, crack-resistant, and durable.
Negative Carbon Footprint
Our carbon-negative footprint comes from two features. First, we are commercializing a novel materials manufacturing process that only requires low-temperatures and low-pressures, meaning that our process can be powered with renewable energy as we scale. Second, our material uses carbon mineralization to trap CO2 into the material itself, therefore offsetting any emissions associated with our raw feedstocks, our already energy-efficient process, and transportation. We can further lower our footprint by using recycled feedstocks.
High Performance
Our composite materials are strong, stiff, tough, crack-resistant, creep-proof, and flame-retardant. Unlike biobased sustainable products, our materials are not made from organic material, meaning that our materials do not rot, attract pests or mold, and can withstand moisture and weather.
Flexibility and Ease of Use
In terms of shapes, we offer our materials in traditional formats such as boards or planks, which construction product manufacturers can then further cut or shape using normal woodworking tools. We can also form our materials into complex shapes for custom projects. In terms of coloring, our materials can come in a variety of through-body colors or it can be painted.

Contact Us

We're still in the process of launching our technology out of the lab as a pre-seed startup. If you're in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry or you're an investor in climate tech and you're interested in learning more, please leave us a message. We're also looking for architectural pilot and product development partners as well as manufacturers who may be interested in using our materials. We look forward to hearing from you.

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